I am going to start updating this regularly, so that I can stay organized a bit better than I am now.

For awhile, Organization was my friend, but he'd parted paths with me. I ought to find my old friend Organization so that I CAN stay on track and accomplish everything that I need to accomplish. Because when I set a deadline for myself, I always succeed.

Appts., school, etc...

Interview and article with Swansboro Elementary School completed.

2/28/12 - Interview with Queens Creek Elementary School 

2/27/12 - Compare & Contrast - Rough Draft - Essay Due

3/01/12 - Informative Speech DAY - The Black Death


The Horsemen of Route 116 (Complete: pending at Nameless Magazine)
Creatures of the Night (Lost; revising again soon)
Fall on Me (Third draft, WIP; Deadline - 3/01/12)
The Abusers (Hold)
The Driver and the Hitchhiker - (Hold)

Books (Currently, I am working on NO books:

Flipside (Hold)
Jealousy Kills (Hold)
The Fall of Steven Baymont (Stopped, stalled, almost finished; WIP)
Decision (Stopped, almost finished; Holding; WIP)
Eye of a Shadow (Hold)