Short Stories


By Devon Carey

Dr. Desmond stuck the needle in my arm and pressed down on the button, pushing the blue fluid into my blood stream. I cringed and looked up at him. The light gleamed in his ruby eyes and his long gray hair hung below his waist.
My girlfriend, Stephanie, suggested I see this doctor, and he promised this would make me better. I wondered now if this was a mistake.
“How do you feel, Mason?” Dr. Desmond asked, his voice distant.
“Dizzy,” I said. A thousand black speckles raced across my vision. “I feel like I’m… I’m dying.”
“Good,” he said. “You’re supposed to feel that way.”
I looked up at him and my eyes widened. “What’s happening to me, Doc?” My voice sounded muffled.
I started seeing three of everything.
“Just relax,” Dr. Desmond said, setting the long needle on the metal tray beside him. “It will all be over shortly.” On the metal tray, there was something I didn’t see before. It was a container of blue liquid. On the front, there was a caution sign and what looked like a skull.
Is that what he injected inside me? My mouth dropped open. I couldn’t see the name of the liquid because my vision blurred.
This can’t be happening to me.
I watched as Dr. Desmond went to the other side of the room and grabbed a square mirror. He brought it back to me and lifted it.
My slow beating heart fell in my chest. My skin was blue, my thin lips red. And under the skin on my face it looked like there were tiny little bugs crawling around. I felt cold as if I had fallen into an icy lake.
“What’s wrong with my face?” I said, staring at Dr. Desmond with drooping eyes. He smirked, but said nothing. His ruby eyes gleamed brighter. I’d thought he wore contacts, but I might have been wrong. “Please, Doc, tell me what’s--”
I coughed up chunks of blue liquid that smelled like vomit. I leaned forward, holding my throat. Gagging. Coughing. My eyes got so big I was sure they’d pop out of my skull. My mouth hung open and the blue liquid trickled out of my mouth like water dripping off the tip of a broken faucet.
I then felt a hand on my forehead and I was pushed back in my chair, and I hit my head against the metal. I winced at the sight of Dr. Desmond grinning, standing over me, and saw his face turn blue. I fell unconscious after that.


Something happened to me. Something unexplainable. Powerful.
Dr. Desmond and my girlfriend were right. I would feel better.
I was lost in my mind. Distant from it. I walked up the porch steps, my feet clicked on the wood, and I knocked three times. I’d forgotten my key in the house.
Five seconds later, my girlfriend, wearing that red silk robe I’d gotten her for her twentieth birthday, stood in front of me happily. She jumped into my arms. My eyes shot open when I caught scent of her hair. Mmmmm. Warm vanilla. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged tightly.
“How did it go, baby?” She asked, her pretty eyes on mine.
I smiled. “Good. Good.”
I walked in and forgot how to speak more than two words. It might have had something to do with being so hungry. She followed me.
“That’s all?” She asked, worried. “Is everything all right? You’re not gonna leave me, are you?”
I turned around and grinned. “Of course not. It’s today. I just…”
What’s wrong with me? I feel really great.
Too great.
“You what?” She asked, walking over to me. I kissed her on the forehead.
“I’m not leaving you, okay?” I assured. “I’m just not feeling well.”
Or you’re just feeling too well, right? Whispered a dark voice. A voice I was sure had to come from another world. Have you maybe thought of that?
“But Dr. Desmond was supposed to make you better. He said he could,” she said.
“The effects won’t work all zippity do da, baby.” I chuckled. “It might take at least a day.”
“You’re probably right.” She glanced over my shoulder. “But I know he’s good. I just thought it’d be instantaneous. The few people I know that saw Dr. Desmond came back feeling incredible.”
I turned around and walked into the kitchen, where I took a bowl out of the dishwasher and set it on the counter.
“Well, it didn’t work that fast this time,” I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around. Then I glanced at the stove clock. It was 11:30.
Suddenly, I heard that same dark voice. This time, he sounded like he was warning me about something: Be out of there before twelve. Go, Mason... You’re going to kill her if you don’t leave.
I stopped all I was doing and stared at her. She stood there like she was trying to figure me out.
I’d been dating her for three years, so she should’ve known what I was thinking. I actually planned on proposing to her on our four year anniversary. She was so cute, and she could be so funny at times. She worried about me like crazy, especially when I was out late hanging with friends and didn’t come back until maybe three in the morning.
“Maybe you should get some rest, baby.” She smiled. “I can see it in your eyes. You’ve had a tiring day.”
I returned her smile, but then I got worried.
Leave, Dark Voice said. You heard what he said.
Who? I asked. Who said what?
All thoughts were quiet for a moment.
I still didn’t know who ‘Him’ was, but I thought it’d be better if I didn’t question it.
“I’ll make you something to eat.” She hurried over to a cabinet and grabbed a can of chicken noodle soup. My favorite. “Go upstairs. Relax.”
“You sure?” I asked, stepping forward. “I can make it. I mean, I’m not retarded.”
“But I want to,” she said. “Go relax.”
“Thank you, baby.” I kissed her on the forehead, then the lips. “Don’t keep me waiting. I wanna spend some time with you. We can watch one of our favorite movies. The one with Stallone.”
“Okay.” She went to the stove.
I walked into the living room and started down the hall, where I climbed the stairs and entered our room two doors down. I checked the nightstand clock. 11:33.
You have twenty seven minutes left, Mason, Dark Voice said. It’s not too late. Get out. Hurry.
No, I fought. There’s no point. Why would I leave and where would I even go?
Dark Voice said nothing.
That’s what I thought.
I ran over to the bed and belly flopped on it. The bed creaked. I loved doing that as a kid, and it always made Stephanie laugh when I did it nowadays.
I turned over, picked up the remote on the nightstand, and pressed the power button. The local news came on and a lady talked about a new sickness I’d never heard of. Her eyes were wide, her forehead wet from sweat, and she was trembling all over.
I sat up in the bed, interested. Scared. “Sickness?” I asked myself and thought about how sick I was before seeing Dr. Desmond. Could the epidemic from the news have something to do with how sick I’d been? I honestly had no idea what I’d been sick with. I just knew Dr. Desmond would help.
I listened closely to the reporter: “It seems the H-Virus, also known as heart-virus, has spread significantly. As of now, there is no cure for this new sickness. However, scientists and doctors are coming up with treatments to lessen the spread, and they should have a vaccine within the next month or so. Until then, it is strongly advised that you stay indoors and eat plenty of white foods and drink water. This is a very serious disease. It stops your heart in a seven day period, and during that time, you will experience severe headaches, drowsiness, chest pains, and you may suffer insomnia. If you have any of these symptoms, do not expose yourself to the sun. Scientists believe the sun magnifies the effects of the disease.” The reporter shivered and turned away. There might have been a tear in her eye. She looked back at the screen and said, “Thousands have already died from this catastrophic event, and there are perhaps thousands more that are dying as I speak…”
I stared wide-eyed at the screen and watched as it changed to a commercial. I lay back on my pillow and dropped the remote beside me. “That’s what I had.” My voice was weak and I heard footsteps coming down the hall. I looked that way and saw Stephanie walk into the room, holding my steaming bowl of chicken noodle soup.
“Hey baby,” she said, her lips curved into a sweet smile. She frowned upon seeing my horrified expression. “Hey… what’s wrong?”
I was quiet for a long time. “Heart Virus,” I said.
“That’s what I had.” My heart raced in my chest.
She started forward and sat on the edge of the bed, looking me in the eyes. “What are you talking about?”
“Dr. Desmond,” I said, my voice distant. “He cured me. I was sick with a virus that could have killed me, Stephi. Without Dr. Desmond, I would be dead in a day or two. I just… just saw it on the news, and they were talking about how this H-virus stops your heart in seven days. I had all the symptoms: headaches, drowsiness, chest pains and insomnia. But I don’t have any of that now, not since I saw… him.”
“Well, that’s good, right?” She asked, handing me the steaming soup. I took the hot bowl and set it in between my legs.
“It’s great,” I said. “But it’s not so great for everyone else who has it. Dr. Desmond is the only one with the cure, as far as I know… Did you know about this virus? Did you know I had it?”
“No,” she said, shaking her head, her eyes widening. “Not at all. I’m as surprised as you are. I thought you were sick, but I didn’t know you were dying! I don’t want you to die. I couldn’t live without you.”
“I couldn’t live without me, either.” I smiled, but my smile faded when I saw her expression. It frightened me. “No, but seriously, I really should thank him, and I should also figure out why no one else knows about this cure he has…”
“It might be because he only has limited supply,” she said, looking down at the bed.
“Well, then why doesn’t he make more somehow, or ask other scientists to assist him with it?”
She shook her head. “He’s very kept to himself, Mason. You know that. I told you.”
I cocked an eyebrow. “How do you know him again anyway?”
“He was good friends with my mom until she passed away, remember?”
“Oh yeah…” I said. “But still, being kept to himself is no excuse for not letting anyone else know about a cure. This is bigger than him. We’re talking about the extinction of the human race for God’s sake. If it has spread this fast in one week, can you imagine what it could do in a month, a year, five years? The world could be extinct in ten years for all we know, if no one puts an end to it now. Listen, Stephi, I refuse to go out anywhere until I am sure there’s a vaccine for this disease. I will go to the store tomorrow, gather up a bunch of food, and we will stay here until I am sure you and I will be safe.”
“But I have to work, baby,” she said.
“Screw work!” I screamed. “I think it’s a little bit more important that you live and miss work for a few days than go to work and possibly get the… the heart-virus, however the hell that disease even came to be. I must have missed that part on the news.”
“Okay,” she said, uncertain.
I knew she didn’t want to get fired, but I’d rather her get fired than let her die. It was easier to get another job than to get another life. ‘You only get one life,’ my mom used to say.
Stephanie began again, “I’ll call work tomorrow and let them know, I guess.”
“Good,” I said, and smiled. “Hey, hey, come here…” She crawled over to me. I hardly touched my food. She cuddled close and I kissed her on the temple, then I kissed her on the lips. “I love you, baby. Remember that. If I didn’t care, I would be okay with you going to work or leaving the house tomorrow. I will leave, and I will bring a lot of food back here. We will have like a little party, all right? We’re safe, I’m sure.”
“Do you promise me everything will be all right?” She asked and looked up into my eyes.
I smiled, and then I glanced at the night stand clock. 11:43.
You think you’re safe there? Dark Voice asked. You’re really not. You’re not safe at all, neither is she. Leave, Mason, or you will regret ever staying.
“I promise,” I whispered, brushing her hair back with my hand.
After that, it was quiet. We didn’t talk much, because we were both trying to take in what was happening. We were both scared. Plain and simple. And this heart-virus was much more fatal than I could ever have thought.
The news came back on, and the reporter talked about the H-virus again. I didn’t want to see it twice, but Stephi had to see what we were up against, and she had to see for herself why I was so freaked out about her going to work tomorrow.
The reporter spoke about how it was spread. It turned out, it spread like a regular flu, and that didn’t sound good at all.
When it was one minute to midnight, I felt something circle around me, something that felt icy cold and evil. I heard a strange light buzzing sound in my head. I looked around and realized Stephi had fallen asleep in my arms. Any other given time, I would have pondered over how beautiful she looked. Right now--my wide eyes wandering, feeling like someone was watching me, and my heart racing--I heard Dark Voice. He came back. Now he sounded closer, meaner, and like he meant business: Look how innocent she is, Mason… I glanced down at her. You’ll have her head roasted on a stick if you don’t get as far away from her as possible. This is your final warning.
“The final warning for what?”I said aloud and felt my heart slow down suddenly. I felt really delusional again, but this time it was different. It felt like someone--or something--was trying to get into my body.
“Baby?” Stephanie said sleepily. “What did you say?”
Her words hardly felt real, and I was sure I was either hearing things or I was dreaming.
What’s going on? I thought I was better. Is the H-virus still in my blood? I hoped not.
“Oh God,” I said, bringing my hand up to my head. Blood pulsed, thumped against my temples. “Oh my God.”
Dizziness overwhelmed me and my cheeks filled with sick water like I had to vomit.
“Mason,” Stephanie said, gazing up. “What’s wrong?”
The nightstand clock struck twelve. I heard demonic screeching and found myself falling into nothingness.
This wasn’t like any sickness I ever knew.
My head jerked to Stephanie involuntarily.
“Mason. Oh my God. Your skin’s turning blue!” She backed up. Mouth open. Eyes wide. I didn’t feel my heart beat anymore, but I was still there, staring at her just the same.
I punched her in the mouth. Her teeth cracked. She flew off the bed and hit the floor with a dull thud.
Stephanie! I screamed, hearing an echo. No... No... What did I do? But no sound came out of my mouth. I saw myself crawling across the bed toward her, but I had no control over my body.
Dark Voice chuckled. Isn’t this great? Isn’t this power magnificent? Just feel it. Feel the evil growing, coursing through your veins.
"What the hell are you?" I asked, looking through my eyes at Stephanie, who was choking and confused. She struggled to her feet.
Your inner demon, Mason. I’ve always been here with you. Dr. Desmond brought me to life.
“You ‘it me.” She coughed up blood.
Shut up, bitch, the demon said. He jumped off the bed and wrapped his hand around her throat.
"Stop!" I screamed. "You’re killing her."
She will become one of us, he said. Only then will we be one. It was his plan from the beginning.
Dr. Desmond. This was his doing!
The demon tossed Stephanie out of the room and she hit the wall. Pictures rattled and fell, breaking. "Stephanie. Run!"
You should have left, the demon said. But you didn’t heed my warning. Now you and your girlfriend will be one of us. You chose your fate, Mason Rhodes.
“Mason! Oh my God--” Stephanie screamed, gasping. I heard her sprinting down the stairs. The demon stopped at the ledge and I saw her reach the phone. The demon climbed onto the edge and jumped down, feet behind her. He shook the floor and stepped forward.
She looked back. The demon grabbed the phone receiver and smashed her in the face with it.
She spun around and slid across the counter. Then she fell on the floor. The front door was ahead, and it was open.
Dr. Desmond stood there, smirking. His face blue, his long gray hair below his waist. “You have done well, child,” he said, stepping forward. He held a syringe in each hand, both filled with dark blue fluid. “Now it’s your turn.”
She got to her feet and turned around. The demon was there. He smashed her in the face with the receiver again and blood splattered across the wall. “Mason, please…” she said, blood dripping out of her trembling, bloody mouth. “Snap out of it. Please… Stop…”
I can’t, baby. I literally can’t. I have no control of my body anymore. I’m some prisoner in my mind.
Only an echo answered me.
Dr. Desmond injected her in the neck with the blue liquid. She choked out and her mouth hung open. He took the other syringe and brought it up to her head. I tried jumping out of my body to save her, but I couldn’t. Dr. Desmond turned her around and stabbed her in the eye, the sound was of a needle popping a balloon, white puss exploded out of her socket. She screamed louder.
Stephanie! God no. That’s not possible. This isn’t really happening!
Finally, she fell backwards at the foot of my body and stared up inanimately, the needle sticking up out of her eye. Her face turned blue. Her lips red. Her eyes formed black pearls. I could do nothing but watch.
“She will be one of us,” Dr. Desmond said. “And I will go city to city, injecting as many people as I can with Demon blood. My blood. They will all be my puppets, Mason. I will bring about a demon army.” He laughed toward the ceiling as Stephanie sat up and got to her feet.
She stared only at Dr. Desmond.
“How do you feel?” he asked, looking at me, but talking to Stephanie.
There was a long pause. “Dizzy,” she said, with both a dark and sweet voice. “I feel like I’m dying.”
“Good,” he said, smirking. “You’re supposed to feel that way.”

The Soul Collector

By Devon Carey

I’d been stuck in this trunk for two days—maybe longer. I didn’t know for sure. My mouth was dry, my skin hot. Sweaty. My head throbbed. Ached. My long hair was sticky, tangled in my face. It was dark, and I’d gone crazy. I kept hearing a dark whispering voice talk to me, saying things like "There is a way, my dear Janet. You will find it in time."
I’d been kidnapped, and there was no way out that I could see. I was going to die. The kidnapper hadn’t returned. What did he want with me? I punched the metal interior, bruising my knuckles. Then I punched again. "Let me out of here!" I lost count of my unheard screams. Only my raspy voice retained that number through pain. I needed water. My stomach growled. Food—I needed that, too.

There was a bang on the hood. Then another bang. I heard that same whispering voice

"Trapped, are we?"
The voice hadn’t come from outside. It was close. Inside the trunk. I searched all around, my eyes widening as the seconds dragged on.

"Trapped?" I asked, my voice small. "Where’m I?"

I felt cold fingers wrap around the bare skin of my arm. The fingers felt like dead flesh. I backed up, away from whomever—whatever—had wrapped their fingers around my forearm. "Get away from me," I said, knowing this all had to be a vivid hallucination. "You’re not real. You’re just part of my—my imagination."

"Am I?" The dark voice asked. Large, oval shaped eyes appeared, and they stared at me. I saw a pointed, dark blue chin and face, and long pointed ears that passed his bald head. The dark blue on his skin had a peculiar glow to it. "I’m as real as you, my dear," he said. 
"I’m very real."
He lifted his cold, long fingers and placed them on the base of my chin. He dug his nails deep into my flesh and drew blood. I screamed. The man with the blue eyes smiled, revealing razor sharp white teeth. Then he inched his way closer to my face, his hot breath on my cheeks.

"Please, I just wanna go home to my husband. He’s worried about me like crazy ‘cause I haven’t been home in a few days… Please…"

"You will see him again," the blue man with the pointed chin said. 
"There is a way out of here, but it will cost you something, my dear."
"There—there is?" I said, almost hopeful.

"Oh yes," he said, his voice soothing, yet dark. 
"It will cost you your soul."
"My soul?" I didn’t think my voice could sound any smaller. Weaker.
"You will have an unnatural power, dear—a power that makes you capable to collect evil souls in the dead of night, and you will belong to our master. You will be a servant of hell. It is your destiny."
I was silent for a while, and I didn’t bother asking who the hell he was—or what he was. I only wanted to know if my husband was okay. "Will I see m-m-my Kyle again?"
"Yes, my dear, but come midnight, you will no longer be you, nor will you remember anything the following day, for you will smite evil and send them to hell, where you will lock them safe away."
"As long as I can see m-my Kyle… He just got out—out of prison…" I replied weakly. "I’ll do it."

"Excellent," the dark blue man said, and got closer to my face. His tongue fell out of his mouth. It was long and slimy, and blood red. His tongue slithered toward my cheek like a snake or worm and licked up to my eye. The saliva burned, made me scream, it felt like someone pressing a knife against my skin and digging deep. "The deal, it has been sealed." The blue man backed up and looked down passed me. 
"Those boxes are filled with a special flammable chemical—a chemical designed specifically to keep you alive when you catch fire."
"Fire?" I almost screamed. "No, I’ll—I’ll die!"

"You will not," he said. 
"You will become powerful, a collector of evil souls!"
I picked up the gas, undid the cap, and poured it on the chemical substance in the metal box, the trickling of the gas the only sound.

I couldn’t believe I was listening to him, but what else could I do? Die? Starve? No. I couldn’t do that.
I waited for the blue man with the pointy chin and pointy ears to say something. He backed up into the darkness and his dark blue glowing eyes vanished. He disappeared as if he had never been there.

"No, wait!" I screamed, moving forward, my hands on the damp carpet interior of the trunk. "You can’t just l-l-leave me!"

There was no answer.

See? I was going crazy. He’d just been my imagination, and now I was going to die for listening to someone—something—that hadn’t existed.

Suddenly, a blue flame shot up beside me, the heat warmed my skin. Startled, I crawled quickly back to the other side in the trunk, away from the flame. The flame burst up. I heard crackling. Snapping. Blue flames shot toward me and landed on my skin. The sparks drilled holes into my flesh and I screamed. "This can’t be happenin’!"
"This is the only way, my dear, but you will live, for you were chosen by him."
The blue flame got brighter and brighter, and the heat incased my entire being. I screamed a final time, as loud as ever, before—
Whatever it was—it exploded, blew up the trunk, the car I was stuck in.

Then there was nothing but darkness, and I felt like I was floating away.
Whatever it was—it exploded, blew up the trunk, the car I was stuck in.

Then there was nothing but darkness, and I felt like I was floating away.
There were voices all around me. "Is she okay?" That sounded like my husband, but I couldn’t see his face. "Oh damn—damn it! Tell me she’s fine."

"We don’t know for sure, Mr. Lions. She seems to have suffered some brain damage and some minor burn injuries from the explosion. It’s a God-given miracle that she’s alive at all."

"This is freakin’ BS," Kyle said. "How long will she be here, Doc?"

"A few days—at most."

Where am I? And why can’t I open my eyes?
There was a silence. Then my husband continued, "Will she come back the way she was?"

"I don’t know. We can’t make that conclusion until we know for sure the complete state she’s in…"

Those words echoed in my head, and I was drifting back off to sleep.
We won’t know the complete state she’s in. Not yet...
I felt my heart lifting off the bed. I was flying.
No. I wasn’t flying. I dreamt I was flying like an eagle in the sky.

Then a question rose—in the darkness, in my mind.

"Why me?" I asked to the nothingness, my voice echoed. 
"What’d I do to become a servant of hell?"

"You were chosen, Janet," 
a dark voice whispered. I knew who—what—it was.
 "You’re one of the chosen few because demon blood’s inside you."

"But that’s not fair!" 
I screamed, my voice echoed again. 
"It m-m-makes no sense. I didn’t ask for this!"
"Neither did your parents, and their parents before them. It’s in your blood, my dear. It’s God’s will to punish the wicked and send them to hell."
"But... this doesn’t seem like God’s work... It’s evil."

"Your unnatural powers haven’t settled in yet, my dear, but when they do, you will belong to him... and you will know what true power is. You will love it coursing through your veins."
I heard a silent whisper in my head now: 
(That voice... Where’s it comin’ from? I can’t seem to find it!)

But I 
 feel it...
It’s near, my dear.
I opened my eyes and saw large oval blue eyes, a pointy chin, pointy ears, and a bald head. That blue man! He was here, staring, smiling at me. "Get away from me!" I screamed. He backed up. The face, it was gone. Disappeared. It was Kyle—not the blue man. Thank God.

"Good to see you too," he said, his eyebrows cocked.

"Kyle…?" I asked. "That really you?"

"In the flesh," he said. I lifted my arms.

He got close to me and I wrapped my arms around him. "Oh! How I missed you…"

"I missed you too, Janet," he said, his shaggy brown hair low on his forehead. "I missed you a lot." He backed away from me and asked, "Where in the hell were you?"

I said nothing for a while. "I—I don’t know…" I shivered. "I was so scared, Kyle…"

"Well, you’re safe now…" He said. "The doc’s letting you out today, if you think you’re up for it."

"Really?" I asked, surprised. "How l-long have I been here?"

"Babe," he said, "you’ve been here for three weeks."

"Huh?" I asked, my breath caught in my throat. "But if I’m just wakin’ up now, why’s he lettin’ me out?"

He got close to my face and then he grabbed my hand and held it. He stared at me, worriedly; his cute light brown eyes were on mine. "You’ve been waking up every day now for the past two weeks."

My heart thumped in my chest. "That’s not possible…" I said. "I don’t… I don’t remember much of…"

He lifted a finger and placed it on my lips. "Shhhhhh. Say no more. I’m just happy to see you again. You were acting so weird and aggressive last week, but I kept telling myself it’s because you were, I dunno, not thinkin’ right…"

I wasn’t sure what to make of this. "What was I sayin’?"

"Not much at all," he said. "Babe, I think during that time, you might’ve only said four or five words… I was so worried."

I stared into his dreamy eyes for a long time. Sometimes I wondered how and why he’d gone to prison, but then I remembered. He took pills while drunk, and he’d lost his mind and almost killed me. I also remembered how it had taken five cops to finally bring him down. Of course this was about seven years ago, and he’d just gotten out. No matter what, though, I wasn’t going to leave him, because I loved him and I believed in our relationship and knew we would work out. He had been clean for the seven years he’d been in prison, and he’d promised he’d stop drinking and pill-popping.

"Everything’ll be fine now, sexy, okay?" I said, smiling, and bringing him close to my face. I kissed him on the lips. I backed up, his brown eyes on mine. "Everything will be just fine."

It was 11:55.

I couldn’t rip my eyes away from the nightstand clock, no matter how hard I tried.

"Babe?" Kyle asked. I glanced at him, and then turned back to the clock. "You’ve been staring at that clock for the last half hour. Are you waiting for someone, in a rush to be somewhere?"
…Come midnight, you will no longer be you, nor will you remember anything the following day, for you will smite evil and send them to hell, where you will lock them safe away...
I couldn’t shake that blue man’s words out of my head. They kept returning to me. Haunting me.


"What’s goin’ to happen?" I whispered out loud.

"Excuse me?" Kyle asked. "What’s wrong, babe? Come, tell me what’s on your mind."

I slowly turned to him and said, "Killing you."

His eyes widened. The numbers on the nightstand clock started flashing on and off. Then a song came on. It was Hells Bells by AC/DC.
"I'm a rolling thunder, a pouring rain... I'm comin' on like a hurricane... My lightning's flashing, across the sky... You're only young, but you're gonna die…"
He coughed repeatedly; his eyes were wide, as if he was choking. "K-k-killing me?" Then he started shaking his head.
"I won't take no prisoners, won't spare no lives... Nobody's putting up a fight... I got my bell, I'm gonna take you to hell... I'm gonna get you, Satan get you… Hells Bells!"
The clock on the nightstand and the empty wine glass started shaking. Lightning flashed. Thunder boomed. The floor shook. The glass rattled on the nightstand, but it still didn’t fall off.
"I'll give you black sensations up and down your spine... If you're into evil, you're a friend of mine... See my white light flashing as I split the night..."
"’Cause if good’s on the left, then I’m stickin’ to the right..."
There was screeching of a loud creaky gate swinging open in my head. It might’ve—could have been—the devil’s gate to hell. There was screaming, too, of people burning.
"I won't take no prisoners, won't spare no lives... Nobody's puttin' up a fight..."
The nightstand clock flashed 12:00 midnight.
"I got my bell, I'm gonna take you to hell... I'm gonna get you, Satan get you... Hell's Bells!"
Then, everything went dark.
Janet’s eyes burned with blue fire. Kyle stared at her, his eyes wide, his mouth open. Janet grabbed the empty wine glass on the nightstand and punched him in the face with it. Glass stuck into his cheeks. Burned him. Stung him. He screamed and rolled off the bed, where he hit his face on the floor. He got up. Janet stuffed the sharp end of the glass into his mouth, cutting through the back of his throat. Janet took back her hand and watched as he choked on his blood. He was brought to his knees, his hands on his neck. He stared up into his wife’s guiltless eyes. And then he fell face first on the floor and stopped moving. Janet got off the bed, turned him over, and placed one of the sharp tips of the glass hard against his right eyebrow. Blood gushed out, streamed down his lifeless eye, the sharp points cracked bones. She cut around his face like cutting a hole in a pumpkin for Halloween, and when she got back to the top where she’d started, she peeled his face off, the sound of ripping plastic. She held his face in both hands, stared into his inanimate eyes—the face looked like a cheap mask bought in a thrift shop.

Janet’s eyes brightened a dark blue color, and then Kyle’s face lit up. His mouth opened wide, his eyes got large, and then he screamed horribly, "What in the hell’s happenin’ to me!" He looked all around, and then glared up at Janet. His eyes brightened more, and then his cheeks and face started rotting, growing old, like an apple or a banana sitting in the sun for days on end.

Kyle stopped choking out, his face was old and black, and corpse-like. She turned his face over and brought it to hers slowly. The back of his crusty black face was on hers, and it started melding, latching to her skin.

She stepped back, the song Hells Bells continued playing as she heard light breathing behind her. The breathing turned to a soft chuckle.

"Come midnight," the dark voice whispered,
 "you will no longer be you, nor will you remember anything the following day, for you will smite evil and send them to hell, where you will lock them safe away."
Janet turned around and stared at the blue man. The blue man smiled, his razor sharp teeth covered half his face. His chin was pointy, his ears up like an elf.

Thunder boomed. Lightning struck. The numbers on the clock flashed on and off. The walls and floor shook. It was 12:02.

Janet crept forward—the black, rotten face of Kyle glued to her skull.

She stopped feet from the blue man, and she stared deep into his eyes. A small smirk appeared on her face.
"I won't take no prisoners, won't spare no lives... Nobody's puttin' up a fight... I got my bell, I'm gonna take you to hell... I'm gonna get you, Satan get you... Hell's Bells... Yeah, Hell's Bells!" 

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