About Me

I am a writer of horror fiction and romance fiction and a soldier in the NC National Guard. There isn't much to say, I said a good majority of what I needed to say here, http://devoncarey2010.blogspot.com/2010/09/inner-demon.html

But a few more things about me... We are our own enemies. I say this because our minds can confuse us, ourselves, sometimes, trying to bring us down when we want to stay up, on top of things, trying to make us upset because of a significant other maybe, when in fact those emotions are normal and should be treated very lightly and calmly. Those feelings, those conflicting thoughts, the anxiety, it's all part of knowing how strongly you feel for someone. We have to learn to realize that sometimes our mind will trick us into believing things that really are not true, but appear that way to ourselves. It pushes us away, sometimes, from people we care about. Then when we lose them, we realize what we had. You have to read between the lines and learn to live in the moment, without thinking what is to come, or what will be. Rather, think what IS.

Those are things that I need to go off of myself, but it can be difficult. You have to make yourself happy. You cannot depend on other people to do that for you, or you will end up miserable day in, day out. I am happy, but I am also sad. Sadness is simply uncontrollable subconsciously to me, anyway. Writing: it makes me happy. It's an outlet I have, I guess it's pretty effective, and I guess without writing, what would I have? Some would say I am obsessed with it, but I know I am not... I just need to write. Writers need to write. When I started to get upset about my writing, I stopped. What was the point? Would I get published? Maybe. Hopefully. Has this story or book been done? Perhaps, and probably at some point in some way... But I cannot think like that, yet sometimes it is hard not to... If you think like that, you won't get anywhere.

I used to just write, write away without thinking what others would think of my stories or books, and nothing could stop me or slow me down. However, on February 2nd, 2012, tonight, I have decided to no longer care what others will think of my stories before they are finished, and I will write away until finished with any story that I decide to write. Finish what you start or you won't get anywhere with what you love to do. Even if you think it's terrible, write anyway. Just do it. See what you can cook up in one sitting, even if it's not much. I have had a few short stories published, and I am aiming for more. And eventually, soon enough, whether I get published by some well-known publishing company with the help of some awesome agent, or whether I get rejected by them all and e-publish/self-publish myself, I just want you all to know that, no matter which way I go, my stories and books will be out there, and they will be known one way or the other.