Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Inner Demon

Real name: Devon Williams. Writer's name: Devon Carey.

My passion is writing, and I am trying hard to get published. I have written a few books. The first book I wrote was written originally by a writer (the old me) who hardly knew anything about writing or publishing. Now, since August 2009 when I finished the first draft of my first book--after five or more failed attempts at trying to write a novel throughout high school--Eye of a Shadow, I find myself incredibly more knowledgeable on the subject.

My writing is sort of like Stephen King's, and it has been compared to him many times before, which I find a good compliment. I also want to be known as a demon writer, hence why I chose the name Shadow Writer. My writing, despite the whole being like Stephen King, has a lot to do with inner demons, outter demons, and things that I have seen and that I believe to be real. I write from experience, and I twist my fiction into reality and real events, thus creating more of a realistic sort of Horror writing. I don't write about Zombies, Vampires, or Werewolves.

The first book I wrote was "Eye of a Shadow"; Second book: "Jealousy Kills"; Third book: "Decision"; Fourth book: "Flipside"; Fifth book: "The Fall of Steven Baymont" (and then we have several upon several short stories I have written)

Last but not least, Eye of a Shadow is going to be a five book series.

First book: Flipside
Second book: The Gateway
Third book: Eye of a Shadow
Fourth book: Operation Suicide
Fifth Book: Between the Lines (Two parter)

I am also in the National Guard as a Signal Specialist. I like to Box, workout, read, and sometimes I play video games.

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  1. I love the introduction, but then again, I am a part of it, so I'm bound to love it!